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3 Common Dental Issues

Posted on 3/20/2023 by McDonald Office
3 Common Dental IssuesHealthy gums and teeth are the leading steps to a winning smile, fresh breath, and improved confidence. However, oral issues can occur despite regular brushing and flossing. Some problems can cause pain, discomfort, and serious conditions if left untreated. Therefore, it would be best to understand common dental issues and how to treat them.

Gum Disease

Gums play a vital role in holding teeth in place. If not cared for, gum disease may arise and affect your teeth. The leading cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene and smoking. These habits can result in plaque build-up. If left unattended, plaque can go past the gum line and damage the bones and teeth. The good news is that a dentist can address gum disease through various treatment methods such as scraping, surgical means, and antibiotics. You can also prevent gum disease by implementing good oral care. This may involve regular teeth brushing, flossing, and scheduling dental appointments.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is another common dental issue. It occurs when plaque in the mouth mixes with sugary items to produce acids. The acids eat away the tooth enamel and destroy the softer dentin layer, leading to holes in the tooth. With good oral hygiene, you can prevent tooth decay from forming. This includes using fluoride toothpaste, which helps to harden the tooth enamel. You may also need to brush and floss regularly to prevent plaque buildup. Treatment procedures for cavities and tooth decay depending on the severity of the damage. A dentist may recommend root canals, fluoride treatments, fillings, and crowns.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the tooth enamel wears away and exposes the dentin. The signs of this oral issue involve a sharp pain from cold or extreme temperatures. You may also experience discomfort from brushing and flossing. Treatment for tooth sensitivity may include desensitizing toothpaste, surgical gum graft, and root canal. Contact us for more information about common dental issues and how to take care of your teeth.

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