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Can Cold Weather Affect Tooth Sensitivity?

Posted on 12/20/2019 by McDonald Office
Couple brushing their teeth to prevent tooth sensitivity after visiting McDonald DDS in Plano, TXSensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages is a discomfort and inconvenience that occurs when your tooth enamel becomes significantly worn or your gums recede. Exposing this sensitive root area of your teeth exposes a layer that is highly sensitive to temperature changes, including those occurring in the external environment.

Your diet isn't the only potential cause for exacerbation of tooth sensitivity. Intensely cold weather and extreme changes in temperature can also lead to pain similar to the kind you feel when you eat something cold or hot.

How Can Cold Weather Affect Tooth Sensitivity?

Your teeth expand and contract in response to extreme cold and heat, which can lead to cracks that expose the sensitive tubes below your enamel. Cavities, bad oral habits, and gum disease also cause pain similar to this type.

This sub-enamel layer is known as dentin (also referred to as the 'core' of your tooth) and is full of highly sensitive nerve fibers. Therefore, when this area is exposed to the elements, it can lead to temperature-related tooth pain.

What Are the Root Causes of Cold Weather Tooth Pain?

There are many ways your dentin can be exposed, including brushing too vigorously, periodontal disease, tooth decay, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, acidic beverages, and tooth whitening agents. However, lifestyle habits can also lead to decay and diseases, such as smoking or not brushing and flossing regularly.

No matter how well you care for your teeth, sensitivity to cold weather conditions can still occur. However, there is no reason to settle for living with tooth pain and sensitivity. Excellent oral hygiene habits, along with regular dental care in our office, are effective and preventative treatments for sensitivity to cold temperatures. To find out more, contact our office about dental solutions for your specific tooth sensitivity by calling us at (469) 649-0699.
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