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Things to Protect Your Veneers From

Posted on 3/20/2020 by McDonald Office
Dentist placing a porcelain veneer on a tooth at McDonald DDS in Plano, TXMany people get veneers to create a tidier, straighter smile. However, some people may use veneers for non-cosmetic purposes. Veneers are typically made of porcelain or a resin-composite. We can match these material's colors to the color your teeth, so your veneers look natural. These materials are strong and resilient. However, they are weaker than natural teeth.

Because veneers are weaker than natural teeth, you may need to take some precautions if you have them. A broken veneer is difficult to correct. In most cases, a person who breaks their veneer will need to have the whole thing replaced. In some circumstances, however, it's possible to repair a veneer with a composite material. In order to keep your veneers in good shape, you need to avoid some foods and drinks.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid

Because veneers can ship relatively easily under pressure, it's necessary to avoid hard foods. Hard foods like potato chips, crackers, and hard candy can damage your veneers. If you like to chew on ice, you will have to stop as well. Besides being bad for your other teeth, ice can potentially chip a veneer. If you take the initiative to avoid these foods, your veneers will last for many, many years.

Veneers are much more porous than our teeth. Because of this, you may want to avoid drinking certain liquids to avoid staining. Dark colored drinks like coffee and tea will stain your veneers quicker than normal teeth. If you like to drink red wine, you may also need to cut down on your consumption. You can also switch to drinking more white wine if you'd like.

If you take care of your veneers, they can last a lifetime with little to no problems. Fixing a broken veneer is a timely and expensive process so you may want to consider protecting them. If you have any more questions about veneers or would like to get some of your own, call us at (469) 649-0699. We can help you with whatever you need.
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