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How Drinking Tap Water Can Improve Oral Health

Posted on 7/7/2020 by McDonald Office
Woman drinking tap water to improve her oral healthDrinking water is crucial for your overall health. Health professionals recommend that adults take about half a gallon of water every day. This is to keep your bodily functions working at an optimum level. Apart from that, water is also a crucial element in maintaining proper oral health. Tap water, to be specific, has its advantages, and we believe that more people need to be aware of these advantages.

Preventing Cavities and Staining

Drinking sugary drinks causes the bacteria in your mouth to break down the sugar to bring about acid, which literally eats away at your enamel. By drinking tap water throughout the day, you can drastically minimize the amount of sugar that gets lodged in between your teeth. Swishing tap water around your mouth after a sugary drink can make a huge difference preventing staining; especially when drinking dark colored beverages, such as cola, coffee, and tea.

Great Source of Fluoride

Ever since it was discovered that we require fluoride in our diets to keep strong and healthy teeth, most public water sources are treated with a dose of fluoride to help keep the residents who enjoy this water in better physical and oral shape. Most people tend to believe that they get all the fluoride they need just from brushing their teeth; however, this is not true. Simply drinking treated tap water will ensure that your body is getting the daily recommended amount of fluoride that it needs.

Fighting Bad Breath

Some people are plagued with bad breath not because they do not brush their teeth; but simply because they do not drink enough water. A dry mouth causes many people to have some sort of “morning breath” which can be very embarrassing and chip away at your self-confidence. Regularly drinking water will help your body continually secrete saliva and reduce the likelihood of developing halitosis.

Many people look down on tap water because they do not know how rich and beneficial it can be. By drinking 8 tall glasses of tap water every day, you keep your body strong and your teeth even stronger!
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