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The Dangers of Using At-Home Oral Remedies

Posted on 11/9/2020 by McDonald Office
Woman smiling after her dental cleaning at McDonald DDS in Plano, TXIf you're in a lot of pain due to a broken tooth or other oral issue, you may be tempted to get relief from any source. This can include looking up different oral remedies on the internet. However, while some of these remedies may sound like they will work or have dozens of user comments backing them up, you have to be very careful. There are a number of dangers that using at-home oral remedies bring with them. It's always better to use an approved over-the-counter medication for short-term relief until you can come see us for a solution.

Why Are At-Home Remedies Dangerous?

Making oral remedies at home may seem like a cheap and easy way of dealing with tooth pain, but you could end up making things much worse. First, these remedies often haven't been tested or approved by professionals. When you purchase a painkiller or other over-the-counter medication, you know that the products have been tested. With oral remedies, you will see the ADA seal of approval that indicates the product is approved for use as an oral remedy. It won't have any unexpected side-effects or dangers. At-home remedies don't come with this guarantee. In fact, they could damage your mouth, make the pain worse, or cause other problems. Even if other people claim these remedies work, you can't be sure they will work for you. You may cause further damage and get no relief from the pain.

They Could Interact with Other Medications

Another thing you have to be concerned about is interactions. If you're taking other medications, an at-home remedy could negatively interact with them. These interactions at best may affect how effective the medication is. At worst, they could result in a medical emergency that requires you to go to the ER. Never try any oral remedy you read about online. Instead, call us at (469) 649-0699 and make an appointment. If you can't come in right away, let us know. We can recommend safe medications you can take until you can see us.
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