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Closed Mouth Sleeping is Good for Your Oral Health

Posted on 11/16/2020 by McDonald Office
Man yawning in need of sleep. Learn more about how closed mouth sleeping is good for your oral health at McDonald DDS in Plano, TXSleeping with our mouths open at times feels very comfortable as it allows for easier breathing especially if you are suffering from a cold, flu, or a clogged chest. For some of us, this is a habit we picked since we were a day old and it has become hard to reverse the habit. However, sleeping with your mouth open is not good for your oral health.

Is Open Mouth Breathing a Problem?

Open mouth breathing when sleeping dries up your gums and the inside lining of your mouth which results in to change in natural bacteria in the mouth thus promoting decay and gum disease. The saliva in the mouth fights bacteria in the mouth and regulates the pH in the mouth, and so when it dries up, bacteria in the mouth accumulate and cause infections or inflammations. Acidity in the mouth as well as a causative factor for tooth decay.

The other effect of open mouth breathing while sleeping is that it can easily cause halitosis. While sleeping flat, lots of mucus is produced, and since it is not being drained but rather being pulled to the mouth, it dries up and causes bad breath. Mouth breathing is also a leading cause for oral bacteria aspiration which we need not mention is a recipe for disaster in your oral cavity.

What To Do If You Sleep With Your Mouth Open

To improve your oral health, you must begin finding a solution for your open mouth breathing habit when sleeping. The first thing is to identify the cause for this and if it is medical, consider booking an appointment with us and we will help you remedy the habit. For those who open mouth breathing is a result of habituation, it important that you try methods of keeping your mouth closed while sleeping such as taping your mouth. This however is for light sleepers.

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