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Times Where a Panoramic X-ray Would Not Be a Great Option

Posted on 5/10/2021 by McDonald Office
Times Where a Panoramic X-ray Would Not Be a Great OptionPanoramic x-rays, or panoramic radiography, is a two dimensional dental x-ray. This single x-ray captures the whole mouth in one image. The benefit to panoramic x-rays is the ability to look at the teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding structure and tissues in one image. They provide a wide and comprehensive view of the mouth. We like to take panoramic x-rays every three to five years. This helps us to document changes that occur in the mouth, including bone changes and the position of your teeth. In addition, if you need other specialized treatment outside of our office, like orthodontics, this is an easy x-ray to send.

When Not to Use a Panoramic X-ray

If you have discomfort in your mouth, we may request an x-ray. The x-ray pictures are invaluable and help us to assess the problem quickly. If the issue is a small, localized problem, we would start with a intraoral x-ray. These x-rays show the entire tooth, from crown to bone. If the problem is in the skull or jaw, we would take an extraoral x-ray. While panoramic x-rays are faster than other dental x-rays, and sometimes easier for patients, we do not use them in every circumstance. Panoramic x-rays are useful for comprehensive views of your mouth. If the area of discomfort is small, we would not use a panoramic x-ray.

If you suspect a dental issue, the most important thing you can do is make an appointment with our office staff. Our records will show if you are due for a panoramic x-ray. If you have a localized problem, we will use other x-rays to determine the issue. We can assess your situation within minutes and help guide you with a treatment plan. Give us a call to schedule your routine check-up. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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