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Learn About Contouring and Reshaping Teeth

Posted on 10/11/2021 by McDonald Office
Learn About Contouring and Reshaping TeethWe can fix small dental defects, especially those in the incisors and canines, thanks to dental reshaping and contouring. These are mainly cosmetic dentistry procedures, focused on giving harmony to the smile by correcting cracks, providing symmetry, or modeling very pointed pieces.

How Do We Perform It?

We perform dental contouring and reshaping exclusively on healthy teeth, so beforehand, we must take a series of X-rays to confirm that the tooth is healthy. To make the corrections, our specialists use dental equipment that has abrasive properties.

It begins by designing the changes that we will do and then marking them on the tooth. Next, we carefully perform sandblasting and with this, reduce or eliminate imperfections. This is effective in contouring the sides of the tooth, smoothing them, not unlike polishing them with strips of sandpaper. This process seeks to remove minimal amounts of enamel from the tooth to sculpt a more pleasant silhouette that benefits the visual impact of your smile.

Advantages of Contouring and Reshaping Teeth

They are inexpensive techniques that cause little damage to adjacent tissues. It is a painless process, since we only touch the enamel of the tooth, without reaching roots or nerve endings.

It eliminates bacteria on the surface of the tooth, which will decrease the accumulation of dental plaque and the formation of tartar. In the case of trauma, remodeling offers a solution to replace the lost segment, using materials of a similar color to the tooth.

Contouring can solve a variety of cosmetic problems such as small cracks, unevenly long teeth, minimal overlaps, or teeth with very sharp edges. Both contouring and dental reshaping are options for the correction or adjustment of small dental imperfections, which will improve the appearance of your teeth. Call our offices and schedule your appointment, and together we will work on a better smile.

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