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What Is a Wisdom Tooth

Posted on 1/24/2022 by McDonald Office
What Is a Wisdom ToothMany patients that come to the clinic usually hear that they will have to get their wisdom tooth extracted. In most cases, some of the patients report that they do not have an idea what a wisdom tooth is. At our practice, we take time to educate our patients on dental matters to ensure that they have the information to better care for their dental health.

A wisdom tooth is a molar that develops and emerges last at the back end of your mouth. For some people, the wisdom tooth can emerge fully from the gums, while in others it fails to erupt. When this happens, a wisdom tooth can present several dental issues that will require treatment.

Why does wisdom tooth cause complications

Wisdom teeth were important to our ancestors who used to chew on hardened foods such as roots and raw meat. This required a strong jaw and the third set of molars, which are the wisdom teeth. These provided a firm base on which to chew their food.

In modern society, people cook their foods which makes them soft. Therefore, there is no need for wisdom teeth. with time, people developed smaller jaws that cannot accommodate the wisdom teeth. When the wisdom teeth develop, they might impact nearby teeth, causing you pain and discomfort in the process.

Is extraction necessary?

If you have a wisdom tooth that has failed to fully emerge from the gums, it is important to remove it because it can affect the nearby tooth, cause you pain, and hinder you from properly chewing your food. Also, people find it difficult to clean their wisdom teeth, which can cause infections.

Contact us if you have a problematic wisdom tooth. We pride our practice on providing the best care to our patients to ensure they have proper oral health at all times.
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