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Is Clear Tea Less Likely to Stain Your Teeth?

Posted on 8/9/2021 by McDonald Office
Is Clear Tea Less Likely to Stain Your Teeth?Tea is a common cause of tooth staining. If you drink tea on a regular basis, you are more likely to have stained teeth. However, clear tea can help reduce its staining effects. This is because it doesn't contain many of the colorful elements that can stick on your teeth and stain them. Nonetheless, drinking clear tea can still cause stains, especially if you don't have healthy oral care habits.

Why Tea Stains Your Teeth

Tea is made from various ingredients that can cause staining. For instance, tannin is an organic substance derived from gallic acid, the same substance used in manufacturing ink and leather. They are mostly brown and yellow in color and have a bitter taste. You can find these products in plant tissues, barks, and galls. When found in tea, they will stain your teeth. This mostly occurs when they stick on your tooth enamel and build up on it. Since it is mostly tannin that sticks on your teeth, it doesn't matter what color your tea is (whether clear or dark). This means that you can still have stained teeth even after drinking clear tea.

Preventing Tea Staining

Now that tea causes staining, you need to come up with ways to prevent it. Of course, quitting tea altogether can be a long shot, but going for actionable solutions will work perfectly. You can prevent staining by reducing tea consumption. Exposing your teeth to a lot of tea will lead to the build-up of tannin on your tooth enamel, something that causes staining. Alternatively, you can clean your teeth after drinking tea to get rid of any stains. You can use a mouth rinse to eliminate potential stains and other bacteria. Brushing your teeth will also help. Contact our offices for more information on how tea causes stains.
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