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Dental Bridge Plano, TX

Dental bridges serve as effective solutions for individuals with missing teeth, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits.

A surprisingly large number of people experience tooth loss, highlighting the need for personalized restorative treatments like dental bridges.

At McDonald & Luck DDS, our bridge dentist utilizes cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver high-quality dental bridges and maintenance services in Plano, enhancing oral health and quality of life for numerous individuals nationwide.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is an innovative prosthetic appliance designed to replace one or more missing teeth by bridging the gap between adjacent healthy teeth.

Consisting of artificial teeth, or pontics, anchored in place by attaching to natural teeth or dental implants on either side of the gap, these restorative devices come in various types suited to different scenarios based on the location and condition of the missing teeth.

Whether aiming to improve bite and chewing ability or enhance aesthetics, consulting a dental expert can help determine the viability of bridges.

We recommend dental bridges for those seeking to maintain oral health and restore confidence following tooth loss.

Exploring Types of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges come in diverse designs tailored to replace missing teeth and provide functional and aesthetic benefits.

Understanding the various types available can assist in selecting the most suitable option for individual needs and circumstances.

Traditional Dental Bridges

The most common type, these bridges feature one or more pontics held in place by dental crowns and anchored onto adjacent teeth or abutments, effectively bridging the gap and restoring appearance and oral function.

Cantilever Dental Bridges

Similar to traditional bridges but with a different design and placement method, these bridges are anchored to adjacent teeth on only one side, making them suitable for situations where only one natural tooth is adjacent to the space created by the missing tooth.

Maryland Dental Bridges

Offering a conservative alternative to traditional bridges, Maryland bridges rely on metal or porcelain frames bonded to the back of adjacent teeth using a unique adhesive, preserving the structure of natural teeth while providing stability and aesthetic appeal, especially for replacing front teeth.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges offer numerous benefits for those with missing teeth, including restoring proper chewing function and speech clarity, preventing adjacent teeth from shifting, maintaining dental arch integrity, and enhancing smile aesthetics and self-confidence.

Whether aiming to restore oral function, prevent dental complications, or improve smile aesthetics, dental bridges contribute to optimal oral health and quality of life.

3D rendering of a dental bridge being placed over a missing tooth gap

Dental Bridge Procedure

The dental bridge placement procedure involves several steps, beginning with a consultation to assess oral health and discuss treatment options.

Subsequent steps include preparing abutment teeth, taking impressions, customizing the bridge, fitting and adjusting it for proper bite and aesthetics, and providing post-care instructions to maintain oral hygiene and ensure bridge longevity.

Dentures vs Dental Bridges

Dentures and dental bridges are both dental prosthetics used to replace missing teeth, but they differ in design and application.

Dentures are removable appliances that replace an entire set of teeth (full dentures) or a section of missing teeth (partial dentures). They are custom-made to fit the gums and can be taken out for cleaning.

Dental bridges, on the other hand, are fixed prosthetics that fill the gap created by one or more missing teeth. They are anchored to the adjacent natural teeth or dental implants and are not removable.

Bridges provide a more permanent solution compared to dentures.

Dental Bridges in Plano

Dental bridges offer a valuable solution for teeth replacement, tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

Our experts at McDonald & Luck DDS specialize in customizing various types of bridges, building confidence in smiles, and improving overall oral health.

Schedule an appointment with our licensed practitioners in Plano by contacting us at (469) 649-0699 to enjoy the benefits of a restored smile for years to come!

Each time I am in for a visit, I am impressed by the genuine kindness, professionalism, and warmth from the staff. Having staff engaged with the patients makes a huge difference in your experience and I'll be a customer for life because of their approaching!
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