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Dental Fillings Plano, TX

Hearing the words ‘you need a filling’ can send shivers down your spine. At McDonald & Luck DDS, we do not want you to be afraid of any dental work, including fillings. Dental fillings help you keep your natural tooth, which is always our goal for our patients. Today’s fillings can blend in with your teeth, helping to strengthen your natural tooth and improve your self-confidence.

What Fillings Do

Fillings help repair a damaged tooth. The damage may occur from decay or trauma. Either way, you have a hole in your tooth that comprises its integrity. If you leave the tooth untreated, further damage may occur to the tooth, gum tissue, and jawbone.

Rather than pulling the tooth and replacing it with a dental implant, we can fill it, giving your tooth the stability it requires, allowing you to keep your natural tooth. Fillings are a good option for teeth with moderate decay or trauma and can help you avoid more invasive procedures, such as a root canal.

How Fillings Work

Try not to worry about getting a filling. Our dentists offer a gentle and comfortable procedure starting with numbing your mouth before the anesthetic injection. Many patients fear the anesthetic when, in reality, you will not feel it because we numb the area with a topical solution first.

Once your mouth is numb, we remove the decayed or traumatized area. If you have a fear of the noise of the drill, you can wear headphones during the procedure to help drown out the noise. Letting our staff know of your fear helps us serve you in the best way possible.

After we remove the damaged area, we fill it with a composite. Our dentists will discuss your options with you before starting the procedure. If you worry about the appearance of your teeth or your tooth needs stability, composite fillings are a great choice. If you are not considered about the appearance of the filling or we feel silver fillings are a better choice for the amount of damage to the tooth, we will discuss that with you too.

Caring for Fillings

You care for filled teeth just as you would your other teeth. Proper brushing and flossing are necessary to keep the health of the tooth intact. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, paying careful attention to the filled teeth, ensuring that you remove all bacteria and debris from the area.

If a filling chips or becomes compromised, let us know right away. We can repair the area using restorative dental procedures if you have a composite filling. Our dentists are experts in knowing what type of filling will do best and how best to repair the area.

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At McDonald DDS, we do not want you to be afraid of any dental work, including fillings. Dental fillings help you keep your natural tooth. Click here to learn more!
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