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Dental X-Rays Plano,TX

Digital x-rays at McDonald DDS in Plano, TXX-rays play a vital role in preventative dentistry. They are an important part of the dental exam. X-rays help our dentists see beyond what the naked eye can see. At McDonald & Luck DDS, we proudly offer digital x-rays as an option for our patients. These modern x-rays help us diagnose our patients quickly and effectively, helping you to get the treatment you need right away.

Why Choose Digital X-Rays?

We happily provide our patients with the option of digital x-rays for faster and more efficient results. Yes, traditional x-rays show us what we needed to see, but not at the level of quality that digital x-rays offer. With digital x-ray machines right in our office, we can take images of your mouth and have the results within a matter of seconds right on our computer screen. We then use these results to go over what we see with you right away. It takes some of the anxiety out of the equation as you wait to hear about the health of your mouth.

Another benefit of digital x-rays is the manipulation we can do with the images. If there is an area of concern, we can zoom in on the area, truly focusing on the problem area rather than looking at a static image that we cannot manipulate. This helps our dentists catch even the smallest issues as early as possible.

When we catch problems early, we can administer the least invasive treatment necessary, helping you to achieve optimal oral health easily. Not only are digital or traditional x-rays beneficial, but another strategy to improve a patient's oral health is through oral appliance therapy.

Less Radiation Exposure

Getting your results right away and manipulating the images are great benefits, but many patients choose digital x-rays for the lower amount of radiation they emit.

Studies show that patients are exposed to 90% less radiation with digital x-rays rather than standard x-rays. If you need frequent images of your mouth taken, digital x-rays can be a great option.

Share Your Digital X-Rays

We can share your digital x-rays with any specialists within a matter of minutes. This makes it easier for you to get an appointment with specialists that offer the care that you need. We send the images electronically so that the correct office has your records even before you call for an appointment.

The Frequency of Digital X-rays

We typically suggest that our patients get a full set of digital x-rays at his or her first appointment with us. This gives us a baseline of the health of your mouth. We use the baseline x-rays for future appointments to see if anything changed.

We typically request follow-up x-rays annually but will perform them more frequently if you have any complaints of pain or issues in your mouth or if we notice any issues that we need to take a closer look at. Digital x-rays are quick and non-invasive and give us the best look inside your mouth.

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X-rays help our team see beyond what the naked eye can see. At McDonald DDS, we proudly offer digital x-rays as an option for our patients. Click here to learn more!
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