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Mouth Guards for Sports
Plano, TX

When your child plays sports, you likely worry about protecting him or her with a helmet and proper protective body gear. Do you think about your child’s teeth? A sports mouth guard can be just as important as a helmet or any other protective gear as your child only gets one chance at keeping his or her natural teeth.

At McDonald DDS, we offer custom sports mouth guards to help protect your child’s teeth. We believe it is an important part of preventative dentistry to protect the integrity of a child’s mouth not only to keep his or her teeth safe, but also to reduce the risk of concussion or other head and mouth-related injuries that may occur.

Custom Mouth Guards Provide Better Protection

Many parents assume they can go to the local drugstore and purchase a mouth guard off the shelf. While it is possible, over-the-counter mouth protection products do not provide the same level of protection as a mouth guard created just for your child offers.

Our dentists ensure that your child has a mouth guard that effectively protects his or her mouth while playing sports. We do this by taking a mold of your child’s mouth and sending it to the lab. The lab technicians use the mold to create a mouth guard that snugly fits your child’s teeth, protecting them in the event of any blunt trauma to the face or head. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Protecting More Than Knocked Out Teeth

Knocked out teeth are a big concern, but that is not the only thing that mouth guards do for athletes. A properly fitted mouth guard also helps reduce the risk of serious damage to the tongue, cheeks, and lips as a result of a hit to the face or head. Teeth can be your child’s own worst enemy in the face of an accident, but the right protection can help prevent serious issues.

A mouth guard may also help reduce the risk of concussion, although the findings vary on this topic. Many experts believe that wearing mouth protection helps keep the jaw stable, reducing the amount of shock the brain experiences with any trauma to the face or head. Either way, a mouth guard helps your child keep his or her natural teeth and avoids serious damage to other areas of the mouth and face.

Who Needs a Sports Mouthguard?

Many people think only of football and hockey when thinking of a mouth guard, but in reality, almost any athlete can benefit from mouth protection. If your child plays any type of contact sport or sport that has flying objects (bats or balls), a mouth guard can help save your child’s teeth.

Since we custom make your child’s mouth guard, your child should feel comfortable wearing it. The mouth protection should fit just right in his or her mouth, and not feel obtrusive, as an over-the-counter mouth guard meant for anyone may feel.

If you think your child needs a sports mouth guard, call McDonald DDS at (469) 649-0699 today. Our team can answer your questions, help you decide if your child needs a sports mouth guard, and set you up with an appointment to start the process.
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