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What Are Dental Crowns? Plano, TX

Dental crowns do more than improve the appearance of a damaged tooth. At McDonald & Luck DDS, we administer dental crowns to help patients have full function of their mouth. If even one tooth has damage, it can make it hard to talk, chew, and smile with ease. Let our expert dentists help you improve the appearance and function of your teeth with dental crowns.

What Can Dental Crowns Help?

We use dental crowns when a patient has worn down teeth that no longer function as they should. Whether you grind your teeth, you suffer from tooth decay, or your teeth took on an odd shape, crowns can help restore the look and function of the tooth.

What is the Difference Between a Crown and a Root Canal?

A crown helps the tooth above the gumline and a root canal helps a tooth from beneath the gumline. If you have root issues, you need a root canal. A crown only helps the exterior portion of the enamel, giving it the strength necessary to stay in your mouth. If the roots are compromised, a root canal will clear out the infection and give the tooth a stable surface. Without good roots, a crown will not help.

The First Appointment

At our office, we place dental crowns in two appointments. At the first appointment, we prepare the tooth to receive the crown. If you need a crown due to excessive decay, we must first remove the decayed portion of the tooth. If your tooth is misshapen or ground down due to teeth grinding, we must file the tooth and shape it so that it can accept the crown. Once we prepare your mouth, we will take an impression of the area. We send the mold of your teeth to our lab where they will create your crown.

Most of our patients choose a porcelain crown because it matches the look of the other teeth, but we also offer other materials, including ceramic, gold, and metal crowns. We will fit your mouth with a temporary crown while we wait for the lab to create your custom crown. The temporary crown allows you to function normally, but we do suggest that you exercise caution with hard or sticky foods.

The Second Appointment

Once the lab completes your crown, you will come in for your second appointment. Our dentists will remove the temporary crown and place the permanent crown in place. We take our time with this step, ensuring that the crown fits properly. We will make any necessary adjustments, filing the crown down or adjusting it to ensure your complete comfort.

Once we know we have a good fit, we make the dental crown a permanent part of your mouth. With proper care, your crown should last for 10–15 years. Regular checkups and proper oral hygiene habits can help ensure that you are able to keep your crowns that long.

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What Are Dental Crowns? | Dentist Plano, TX | McDonald DDS
At McDonald DDS, we administer dental crowns to help patients have full function of their mouth. Click here to learn more about crowns and give us a call today!
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